ill1 W3S3 [ıl] adj
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old Norse; Origin: illr]
1.) especially BrE suffering from a disease or not feeling well
American Equivalent: sick
Bridget can't come - she's ill.
I was feeling ill that day and decided to stay at home.
She was suddenly taken ill at school.
All these diets are making you ill .
ill with
Her husband has been ill with bladder trouble.
A number of these patients are seriously ill .
caring for mentally ill people
a hospice for the terminally ill
see usage notesick1
2.) [only before noun]
bad or harmful
Many people consumed the poisoned oil without ill effects .
the neglect and ill treatment of children
He was unable to join the army because of ill health .
3.) ill at ease
nervous, uncomfortable, or embarrassed
He always felt shy and ill at ease at parties.
4.) it's an ill wind (that blows nobody any good)
spoken used to say that every problem brings an advantage for someone
COLLOCATES for sense 1
feel ill
become/fall/get ill also be taken ill
make somebody ill
seriously/critically/gravely ill (=very ill)
chronically ill (=always ill)
mentally ill
terminally ill (=with an illness you will die from)
ill 2
ill2 adv
1.) sb can ill afford (to do) sth
to be unable to do or have something without making the situation you are in very difficult
I was losing weight which I could ill afford to lose.
Most gamblers can ill afford their habit.
2.) think/speak ill of sb
formal to think or say unpleasant things about someone
She really believes you should never speak ill of the dead.
3.) bode ill
formal to give you a reason to think that something bad will happen
The look on his face boded ill for somebody.
ill 3
ill3 n
1.) ills [plural]
problems and difficulties
He wants to cure all the ills of the world.
2.) [U] formal
harm, evil, or bad luck
She did not like Matthew but she would never wish him ill.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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